Better Than Home




Parking Information…

Parking is available but it's not for free. You can park from B4 to B8, any empty spot. (If you do not have parking coupon, it is $1.00 per 10 mins. You need to purchase "PARKING COUPON" and it's $1.00 per hour.

Where to purchase 'PARKING COUPON'?

You can purchase parking coupon at 1st floor #123. ("강남 센트럴 부동산") Please nicely introduce yourself with your room number and ask politely: "Can I purchase parking coupon?" ("주차권 살 수 있을까요?") On weekend, #123 does not open and there is no way that we can help you. Also, you need to let us know in advance that you will bring a car, if you will purchase coupon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.